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Who We Are

KOOBA is a homegrown East African Company with a long history in the ICT Industry specializing in building and operating secure, state of the art Network Access Points designed to support mission critical applications.

We offer a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services designed for maximum-availability applications that require the most advanced data centre support infrastructure. Our state of the art facility is built to exceed Tier 3 standards and is the first purpose-built, truly carrier-neutral Data Centre in East Africa.

KOOBA™ brings you over 25 years of expertise in various technologies including IP networking, IXPs, Data Centers, Optical Networking and data communications. Trust the power of our knowledge, expertise and infrastructure to ensure that your needs are met in a secure and scalable way.

Each data centre is fully equipped with,

  • Tier 3+mission critical design
    • 2N+1 Electrical Distribution
    • N+2 Cooling Infrastructure
  • Scalable design
    • 500 m2 modules
    • 1 MW IT power capacity
    • 6 MW Total Power; 3 MW sellable power

KOOBA™ combines and implements the best global technologies complemented by an inclusive assortment of products allowing you flexibility, scalability and peace of mind.

Benefits of Outsourcing a Data Center

Data center outsourcing is a growing trend, with many large enterprises embracing the financial and operational benefits associated with wholesale co-location solutions.


Outsourced data center operators are required to offer service level agreements related to all the key environmental and infrastructure elements of the building. When an SLA is missed, the operator is required to compensate the tenant.

Risk Mitigation

Creating distance between a company corporate headquarters and its production data center eliminates the risk of a single event,such as a utility blackout or a natural disaster taking out both facilities.

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