East Africa’s first carrier neutral data centre

A consolidated environment means a smaller
network and application infrastructure.

Reducing the scope
of security

Consolidation means some locations will be eliminated all together, and others will see reductions in size and scope.

Reducing security scope

Task of physically securing the enterprise
becomes far easier, less costly, and requires fewer resources.

Meet the New ICT Revolution in East Africa

KOOBA™ Data Centre is the FIRST carrier neutral Data Centre of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are devoted to revolutionizing the ICT industry in Greater East Africa by creating a new standard for Data Centre facilities and services in the region. Named after the Swahili word meaning vault, KOOBA understands your data security and storage needs and combines state of the art data centre facilities with industry leading connectivity infrastructure, Interexchange Point Services and massive connectivity to support today‘s most stringent ICT requirements.

KOOBA™ approach to data storage.

KOOBA™ understands your data security and storage needs. Our commitment stems from a quad-part approach to data storage.

1. Strategic Location

EASSy, SEACOM and LION undersea cables

KOOBA™ is strategically located in Mombasa,One of East Africa‘s busiest port cities. KOOBA™ data centres provide the region‘s first Carrier-Neutral Data Centre located only metres away from International Submarine landing stations hosting TEAMs.

2. Security

Our facility is located on a private, highly secure site with both physical and electronic security systems in place. We have 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance and security personnel monitoring by state-of-the art security systems and controls that monitor and record access to every level of the facility

3. Recovery

Equipped with comprehensive Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM), the KOOBA™ data centre support high instrumentation to monitor the facility‘s critical infrastructure access controls and other mission-critical systems. Our 24-hour technical support simplifies your data recovery process while helping you maintain your critical operations at all time.

4. Reliability

Trust KOOBA™ with your Mission Critical Applications. Our state of the art facility is designed and operated to exceed global standards. We back up our design and operations with stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA) for:

  • Power Availability —100%
  • Temperature and Humidity —100%
  • Connectivity and Cross Connects —99.99%
Take care of your Data

Think about
disaster recovery

With data center consolidation, the planning, implementation, and execution of disaster recovery solutions are less daunting because all the vital components are in one place, easing replication and failover initiation.

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